I’m very thankful and excited to be able to present my work on this website.

To share my ceramics and the process of making it with you!

Ceramics is a wide term, and to me, it means something else for each individual working with clay. Ceramic workers have a lot in common…

First there is the physical aspect, where we all take the raw material in our hands. On the other hand, we all need endurance, curiousness and the will to experiment. The last, but not least, is the indescribable feeling inside, that gives us power to do…

I’m taking advantage of this moment to write about ceramics that shaped me, my beginnings in hand made ceramic pieces, experiments and findings.

In short, about the process and my life long partner – ceramics.

Next time around we’ll look into my spring collection – Lilith.

It has a lovely  spackled stoneware and a mix of white and light green glaze which gives it a soft layer… Stay down to earth.  

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