Vulnerability is the birthplace
of innovation,
creativity and change."
Brene Bown

The whole process of
creating is handmade
by Iris Plesnar in her
hometown studio.
Each piece is unique and
fired at 1280’C, which gives
the ceramics high quality
and endurance.

The slow process of handbuilding in the pinching and slab technique gives me peace, deepens my concentration, so I can connect myself to every piece I make. I hope that the people who bring these unique ceramic pieces into their home can feel the same vibe- peace and tranquility.

To change the everyday rutine of drinking tea into a ritual – a time to chill, meditate and recharge. The ground colors and uniqueness of every piece I make connect us to nature and remind us that nothing is the same or permanent, to accept everything as it is, with love.


Fired with love.





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